The Rape Sessions was the first EP by Children's entertainment group Encephalcentesis. I was noted for it's poor production and the fact the first two songs are interchangeable.

Style Edit

The EP was a turning point in the music style if the band, where they first started writing major key jigs instead of shitty Cybergrind. There is only one Goregrind ISIS, Rape, Murder. You Want It We Got It. This track features samples from Anton's holiday videos to Syria where he saw some ISIS Jihadists torture a guy with a bayonet.

Track list Edit

  1. Rape Gangband
  2. Raped With A Wooden Pole
  3. ISIS, Rape, Murder. You Want it We Got It
  4. Super Happy Anal RApe Fun Time
  5. Rape In C Major, Op. 69: 1

Personnel Edit

Anton: All instruments, vocals and shit (track three)

Dicktator: Sequencing (Tracks two and 5)

The Captain: All instruments, squeezing memes (tRacks 1 and for innit)