Mr Midi
Mr Midi
Name Mr Stephan Midisworth Jr
Born Kensington, London , UK, 1980
lives Croxley Green, UK
Spouse Julia Midisworth

Mr Midi is the drummer, main composer, producer, engineer and manager of the Waltz septet Encephalcentesis. He his known as the hopeless romantic and the lynch-pin of the band, keeping them to getter, re-assuring their exisentual crises' and funding there various addictions.

Early Life Edit

Stephan was born into an extremly weathly Labourite family in North London. From an early age he was showered by gifts from all members of his family and at the age of two was granted Cubase Funk Horn lessons, thusly fostering and nurturing a love for music, which grew into a wish to pursue it further as a career.

Education Edit

From an early age Mr Midi honed his skill in playing the Cubase Funk Horn. Upon compleating his O levles, he went on to compleate a Masters Degree in Cubase Funk Horn composition and performance at King's College of Music.

The 'Event' Edit

Before going of to university to start his MA in Cubase Funk Horn compostition and performance, he went on a gap year to Indi to do some charitable work by helping to build a new school for a rural village out of Lego. Unfortunaly during the rain season it collaped and killed all 106.3 children.

During this time his arch-nemisis Mr Tim Analogue threw acid in his face, leading Dr Audacity to reconstruct his face with a Carlsberg box.

Dr Audacity
Dr Audacity

Life Edit

Due to the fact he failed all his CRB checks due to several accounts of petty theft from the local Spar; he couldn't acheive his dreams of joining the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra so instread took his anger out via his agressive and sporadic playing on So Kawaii.

After the death of Ray, Dicktator entered a great depression and ignored the needs of his adopted son Anton. Because of this Mr Midi took up gardianship and parenthood of Anton and the two have been inseperbale ever sinse.

Criminal Activity Edit

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Several accounts of petty theft
  • Is a known fraudster but has not gone to prison as he can afford bail
  • Despite having three jobs he claims Job Seeker's Allowance

Role in Encephalcentesis Edit

Mr Stephan Midisworth is the lynchpin of Encephalcentesis. Most of the band's material is composed, programmed, produced, mixed and mastered by him in his home studio. Even the promotional and managerial roles have been left to him, this is due to the fact that his band mates are, as put by Stephan himself

"Fucking spastics".
He Sees membership of the band as both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because he is in a band with his closest friends and a curse because has to fund his bands various addictions.