Dicktator at christmas
Name Ben 'Fuck Me Up the Arse' Dover
Born Liverpool, UK, 1946 (age 69)
Lives Brighton, UK
Spouse Ray Johnson (deceased)

Dicktator, born Benjamin 'gay' John Dover, is one of the six members of the experimental grindcore band, Encephalcentesis. Dicktator is one of the two guitarists of the band, the other being Chainsaw Rapist. He also performs vocals.

Early life Edit

Dicktator was born Benjamin John Dover at Liverpool General Hospital in 1946, to mother Steve and Father Nora Dover. He was educated at Liverpool College of Art where he met John Lennon. He was then introduced to Paul McCartney and George Harrison, when at the age of 18, they asked him if he'd like to join their band The Quarrymen, but declined; stipulating that the name sounded "gay as fuck lol".

Coming out as a bender Edit

In 1969, Dicktator came out to his conservative catholic parents while he was still living with them like a dumbarse. He was kicked out of his home after being beaten severely. He lived on the streets for several weeks, working as a gay prostitute in the many glory holes of Liverpool's public toilets and gay bars, where he met his life partner; Ray Johnson. He then moved to Brighton with Ray to start his new life as a professional homosexual.

After living in Brighton, fag capital of England, for a few months they decided it was time to have a baby, so they went bin diving round the back of the local abortion clinics and found a beautiful flid; Anton. Dicktator and Ray adopted Anton as their own, and years later, became a member of Encephalcentesis along with his foster fathers.

In 1969, Dicktator and his partner Ray successfully caught HIV after a mere few days of bug chasing. However, Ray's HIV developed into AIDS, and died in 2015. Dicktator was extremely affected by Ray's death, and attempted suicide by not taking his HIV medication. However, he was taken to hospital and was saved. Dicktator is still distraught about Ray's death, and occasionally has hallucinations and flashbacks as a result.

Career in Encephalcentesis Edit

Dicktator and Ray were on their long awaited honey moon to Saudi Arabia. They were frequenting their favorite illegal underground gay bar, the Allahu Gaybar. They came across a shady fellow who turned out to be in exile after being extradited by the British Government and wanted for war crimes. This man was Captain C.R. Pissed, known by his stage name, Chainsaw Rapist. After 12 pints of Takbeer and 3 quarters of Listerine they decided to form a band after their favorite cocktail; the Encephalcentesis.

In 2015, Dicktator released a self-titled EP along with Chainsaw Rapist and Anton.

Gear Edit

Dicktator uses an Ibanez 9 string guitar, but only uses the top 3 strings, because the more strings the better.

Dicktator's rig consists of Logic Pro for vocals to get that perfect toilet vocal, and a Boss Metal Zone for his guitar. Although everyone hates the Metal Zone, Dicktator loves it because it sounds like shit.