Chainsaw Rapist
The captain
Name Charly Rape Pissed
Born Stevenage, UK, 1957
Lives Croxley Green, UK
Spouse N/A
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch Royal Navy
Years of Service 1974-1983

Chainsaw rapisted is one of the 5 members of the military band Encephalcentesis. He is well known for his lead guitar playing, pitch harmonics and vocals.

Early Life Edit

In 1957 he was born into a well-off middle-class family in the quaint town of Stevenage, Hertfordshire. His parents always had big aspirations for him and pushed him as much as they could, leading him to go to the local grammar school and got all 10 O-levels. There he learnt to play the piano and sing folk tunes. It was from his love of folk tunes that lead him to grow fond of the Royal Navy. When he told his parents of his big plans to take the Queen's Shilling and don Her Majesty's uniform, they were thrilled and suppoted him to their fullest extent.

Military Career Edit

He joined the Navy as an officer cadet in 1974 and entered training at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, where he graded top of all his classes. He graduated as a Lieutenant in 1976 where he was posted his first vessle, HMS Alias. In 1980 he was promoted to Lieutenant commander and in 1981 Commander during a posting to Hong Kong. Whilst in Hong Kong, him and his close friend and colleague Chief Petty Officer Slammer were ambushed by an angry gang of 1.2 billion reds and during the fray Slammer was bady injured. Charley Pissed rushed his dear friend to hospital but sadly died in his arms, there Charley vowed he would take revenge by writing a song about the incident [See a Herd of Fuckin' Ugly Reds].

In 1982 as the Falklands confilct broke out he was given the rank of Captain and thusly a command of his own; HMS Bitcrush. On the voyage to the south Atlantic, he bonded closley with his First-mate Midshiman Bando via the medium of cheeky bumming sessions in the Captain's Cabin. Unfortuntaly upon reaching the Falkland Islands, HMS Bitrush was struck by a torpedo and sunk. This event shaped Captain C.R. Pissed's life as he wrote a song about it [see Bitcrushed to Oblivion] and led him to take reveng on the Argee cunts.

HMS Bitcrush
Midshipman bando
HMS Bitcrush Midshipman Bando

After the Argine military surrendered after being 'fucked up big time' by the British, all enemy troops were take prisoner. Here Captain C.R. Pissed took his revenge by raping many of the POWs leaving, seveer laserations, haemoraging and un-healable emotional scars.

Because of his descusting but understandable actions he was disshonerably disharged and sent into exile to Saudi Arabia.